Helping Hand to “Hired”

The Hawthorn Foundation is a Wyoming-based non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of Wyoming residents.

The Helping Hand to “Hired!” Fund aims to foster a healthy, self-sufficient population with a reduced reliance on public assistance. This program provides small grants to individuals who live below or very close to the poverty line to help them to secure new or better employment, or to help them avoid loss of current employment due to an unexpected economic hardship.  We work with several not-for-profit organizations to identify, screen and select worthy individuals for grant assistance.

The size of the grants can range from a few hundred dollars to about $5,000, depending on the recipient’s circumstances and the nature of the need. The nature of the grants to be provided under this program is flexible and open.  For some individuals, an unexpected car repair can represent a choice between reliable transportation and paying rent or buying groceries. If they repair the car, their families could be evicted or go hungry. But without transportation, they could lose their jobs. Similarly, an injury or illness can prevent someone from obtaining or maintaining a job. A small grant could be provided in these circumstances to cover the cost of the car repair or interim assistance needed to obtain or maintain a job.  Small grants could also be provided to pay up-front costs for requirements of a new or better job, such as new tools, clothes or transportation. One last example of the types of small grants contemplated under this program are grants to cover the cost of a medical appointment or an insurance deductible, which is necessary to keep the individual healthy and able to work. Similarly, grants could be made to individuals who, due to lack of nearby health care facilities, have to travel for medical attention needed to remain healthy and employed. Small grants of this nature can be the first step in helping these individuals get started toward improved circumstances for themselves and their families.

To ensure that assistance is given to appropriate individuals, the Hawthorn Foundation works with several established 501(c)(3) charities in Wyoming to identify, screen, monitor and make recommendations as to potential grant recipients. Our Partner Agencies have existing relationships with the individuals they recommend, and will be in charge of identifying potential recipients, verifying eligibility, distributing grant monies and monitoring recipients on an ongoing basis.   Our Partner Agencies can submit applications by logging into the Partner portal with their login information and password. If you represent a 501(c)(3) organization and would like to apply to become a Partner because your clients might qualify for this program, please visit the Contact Us page and send us an message.