Christina Zezas

Her Story

My name is Christina Zezas. I attended Sheridan College as a nontraditional student. I began my college education at the age of 42. While attending college I was a member of Phi Thetta Kappa, and I was the historian for SADHA for two years, which is a student dental hygiene association. I enjoyed learning and working toward a degree as a dental hygienist while making lifelong friends.

At a time in my life when my future was unsure, I made the decision to go to college, and it is a choice that I will always value. Facing my life, newly single, working three jobs, I did not know how I was going to make this work financially. The Hawthorn Foundation played a large role in my ability to further my education. The financial support I received from the Hawthorn Foundation helped pay for tuition, books, and fees as I attended college, and I am so grateful for the help.

The Hawthorn Foundation gave so much more than just funding. The help they gave enabled me to see hope in the beginning of my education process. They enabled me to gain an education that ultimately empowered me to support myself with one job in a profession where I am able to help others. They provided hope for my future, pride in my learning capability, and confidence in my ability to support myself. The Hawthorn Foundation helps people to reach goals by granting access to education. 

Thank you Hawthorn Foundation!